PlaymexBet is a crypto-currency inspired betting service that offers to its users some unique features along with the exceptional user experience.


β€’ Research and ideate the betting platform concept

β€’ Validate the app concept and present it to stakeholders

β€’ Finalize all entities and user workflows

β€’ Check limitations and corner cases with the development team β€’ Provide hand-off for the development

My role

Product Designer

β€’ Ideated the app concept along with the team

β€’ Created UX and UI for the entities and workflows

β€’ Provided design hand-off for app development

Dashboard. Unlogged

Dashboard view when user is not signed in to the system.

Dashboard. Logged In

Dashboard view when user is signed in to the system.

User Menu Dropdown

User Menu dropdown allows users to quickly access required pages.

Betslip Functionality

Betslip functionality allows user to place one or multiple bets.

User Profile

Personal Details tab of the User Profile page.

Account Settings

Account Settings tab of the User Profile page.