XPRIZE is a non-profit organization that designs and hosts public competitions intended to encourage technological development to benefit humanity. The XPRIZE mission is to bring about "radical breakthroughs for the benefit of humanity" through incentivized competition.

The sponsor's application was supposed to cover the educational mission of the XPRIZE Foundation and its activities. There should be also an internal part, available to XPRIZE stakeholders and team members. This entity would allow users to explore the details of each project, check timelines and events, and track project development.

β€’ Research and ideate the app concept

β€’ Create the concept of the XPRIZE Sponsors App

β€’ Validate the app concept and present it to stakeholders

β€’ Finalize all entities and user workflows

β€’ Check limitations and corner cases with the development team β€’ Provide hand-off for the development

My role

UI/UX Designer

β€’ Ideated the app concept along with the team

β€’ Created UX and UI for all entities and workflows

β€’ Validated features and corner cases with dev-team

β€’ Provided design hand-off for app development


Our design team started the project with research and ideation. Several designers from our team worked on it.

We came up with 3 prototypes and presented them to a client. Together we picked the final concept for further design development.

Informational Architecture

To handle all of the required features and track user workflows

I created the Informational Architecture of the app.

Of course, this is the fancy version created for the case study but it gives the idea about the structure and amount of work.

Onboarding Flow
The Onboarding flow gives users an idea about the key features and possible ways of participating in existing and future Prizes.
Prizes Information
This section has an educational mission to give users the idea about XPRIZE Foundation and its past, active, and future Prizes and programs.
Login Flow

Login allows the confirmed members of the XPRIZE Foundation ecosystem to access the information, resources, and up-to-date news and activities about the Prizes they are affiliated with.

This is the invite-only feature, hence there is no sign-up flow.

Dashboard Section
The Dashboard section contains the highlights of the project development and informs about its team members, updates, events, and milestones.
Project Stats
The Statistics section allows the confirmed program members and sponsors to track the Prizes development process.
Project Resources

The Resources section gives the access to documents

and reports of the Prizes related to it.

Empty States

Many thanks to my teammate Lilia who supported me with these beautiful illustrations for the empty state screens.


XPRIZE Sponsors application was my first project of that size and importance where I held the responsibility for the end-to-end design process and delivery of it to the development team.

I learned a lot about the features and limitations of Android and iOS platforms. I provided the design for tablet versions and validated the workflows and corner cases with the dev team.

Business and Design Impact

Working on a project for the XPRIZE Foundation and completing it allowed our company to attract bigger clients and to work on many other interesting products.

Our design team was so excited to work on this project.
We learn a lot about XPRIZE's innovative projects and get inspired to start our own pet projects.