Playmex is the innovative crypto-currency trading platform

with features such as 1-Click Trading, SuperDOM,

Deep Volume Monitor & Anti-liquidation Insurances.

I joined Playmex as the sole product designer.

The product had a legacy UI kit previously created by an external design agency. It was incomplete and disordered. Many of the interface components and widgets were not relevant or missing.

Playmex was an early-stage startup, and I worked under limited time constraints. There was no budget and time for user research, so I interviewed my colleagues and friends to validate my design ideas.
My role
Product designer
β€’ Rebuild the existing UI kit into a scalable design system in Figma
β€’ Revamp or create from scratch missing interface elements
β€’ Research, prototype and implement new product features
β€’ Prepare design to development hand-off
β€’ Create branding kit and product landing page

Design System
One of my main tasks was to rebuild the existing UI kit into a scalable design system in Figma. I revamped some of the legacy components and created missing elements from scratch.
Visual Design
After completing the design library I continued working on more advanced interface elements and features.
1-Click Trading Widgets Settings
Volume Inspector and Position Widgets
Iterations of the 1-Click trading feature

Visual Design


Working on Playmex was quite challenging since cryptocurrency trading was a completely new area to me. I never worked with similar projects before. I had to dive in quickly and start delivering.

It is important to mention that I was the sole product designer with limited time constraints and resources.
I had to figure out how I can do user research to validate my design decisions. The outcome of this work was a success.