Employa is a Recruitment as a Service solution,

that provides a smart Applicant Tracking System extension.

Employa uses algorithms of AI and Machine Learning

to help find the best candidates on the market.


Employa product was inspired by the idea of creating a unique all-in-one tool for the recruitment industry. The average cost of hiring a skilled IT professional in the US market is approximately $25,000. Employa is aimed at reducing expenses on recruitment by up to 75%.

Our main challenge was to create a "swiss army knife" solution that would cover most of the tasks in one place. Our team included two product designers. We had to balance functionality and an easy-to-use design approach. We decided to add more complexity to the interface so that users could perform their tasks more efficiently after taking some time on education.

My role

Product Designer

My responsibilities

I held responsibility for the end-to-end design of the following parts of the product:

  Classification and organizing of UI components

• UI animations

• Design system

  Login / Sign-Up flows

  System settings functionality


I did multiple interviews with real users that allowed me to bring together their daily objectives, needs, and pain points.

I reflected it in the user personas below.

Hiring Manager

Amanda is a hiring manager at the Proxet HR department.

Her primary task is to hire the best candidates and to keep

the process smooth and fast.


• Get the best possible candidates

• Be able to control each step of the hiring process

• Speed up the overall process

• Combine multiple of tasks in one single tool

• Save cost on talent acquisition

Pain points

• Unclear and extended hiring process

• Difficulties in tracking and managing multiple open positions

• A lot of manual work to pick the best candidates

Talent Sourcer

Steven is a talent sourcer at the Proxet HR department. He tends to spend his work time efficiently. Using a handful of recruitment tools is highly time-consuming, so he would love to combine all his work activities with one tool.


• Set up the job search with multiple settings and filters

• Manage all tasks in one place

• Make the hiring process quick and efficient

• Track inconsistencies in the resumes

• Point out possible red flags for the candidates


• Extended screening process that requires a lot of effort

• Difficulties in managing a multitude of recruitment tools

• Inability to filter out the irrelevant candidates

User Flows

Using the personas I assembled the key user flows that covered most of the tasks in the workflow.

Flow 01. Recruiter
Flow 02. Hiring Manager

After several rounds of user testing and a couple of brainstorming sessions, we created the wireframe prototypes to validate our design ideas.

Visual Design

In high fidelity mockups we transferred all our ideas from wireframes and added some unique features as well as the look and feel of the Employa product.

Please check the interactive prototype of the Dashboard and Screening process.


Working on Employa was an incredible opportunity to implement fresh ideas into the standard hiring process.

It was challenging and fun at the same time to work on this product. We started it with a classic HCD (Human-Centered Design) methodology from market analysis and user research. Getting positive feedback from our users was the best part.

We utilized most of the insights and features discovered during the user interviews and brainstorming sessions.